6 tips for a swift recovery from mental illness

6 tips for a swift recovery from mental illness

Mental illness is a disease that robs away the true identity of people by impacting their cognitive abilities. When afflicted by mental illness, it becomes impossible even for the bravest to continue life like before due to the severe damages to his or her emotional well-being.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), one in four adults — approximately 57.7 million Americans — has a mental disorder in a year. In fact, one in 17 American adults has a serious mental disorder, such as bipolar disorder, major depression, etc.,  and one in 10 American children lives with a serious emotional disorder.

Due to such widespread prevalence, it is necessary to learn the ways to identify the distinguishing symptoms and provide appropriate care to ensure early recovery. Overall, recovering from mental illness depends on how one deals with it. Although support from family, friends and community is considered vital, the chances of recovery mainly depend on the involvement of the patient in treatment.

Here are a few tips that one can follow to ensure a faster recovery:

1. Loving oneself: To be one’s own best friend requires courage, willingness and perseverance. One must get real about the illness. It is essential to take the medicines regularly, get enough sleep, and treat both the body and mind well. One can do these things only by loving himself or herself. So, loving oneself is the most important tip.

2. Knowing the enemies: To recover from mental illness, it is essential to know about one’s condition, as well as associated patterns and behaviors. By identifying the reasons and patterns, and acting on them as soon as they arise, the chances of an accident or damage diminishes.

3. Avoiding delusionary thoughts: Mental illness often causes episodes of negative thinking in people going through this condition. Knowing that the thoughts might be just delusions is a great way to manage one’s condition. By refusing to bow before the negative thoughts, one can easily win the battle against mental illness.

4. Learning to be patient: As humans are not machines, shaping and creating a good life is all about how one changes oneself with time. One must take time and try changing his or her life slowly. It is important to realize the fact that our personalities can change over time. Keeping a track of these changes is important. At the end of the day, one must try developing a long-term view of success.

5. Being practical: One must be aware about his or her limits to avoid controlling people or objects. One can certainly control his or her own reactions by not fixing responsibilities on others and being his or her own boss. It is good to be practical and face the world as it is, rather than painting an unreal picture in one’s own mind.

6. Not being embarrassed: Mental illness is a disease and not a matter of shame. As in the case of other diseases, it can happen to anyone and at any stage of life. As in other diseases, one should not feel embarrassed about being mentally ill. None opts for mental illness, rather develops the disease due to biological and other reasons. Though having it may be a tough phase of life, it is not shameful.

Life is beautiful, live each moment

While being mentally ill can be excruciatingly painful in the beginning, it can get better with treatment. One can easily regain the sense of optimism to appreciate the beauty of life by availing the right treatment. For this, information related to good treatment is essential to recover effectively.

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