6 tips to build lasting self-esteem

6 tips to build lasting self-esteem

Self-esteem – a really big word. Or is it? Let us try to understand what this word actually means.

Self-esteem or self-confidence is described as the trust one has on one’s capabilities, abilities, skills and decision-making capacity. A healthy self-esteem helps us achieve much more in our personal as well as professional lives. It gives us the confidence to try new things, take ownership of our decisions, perform better, and most importantly, deal with things that come our way in a positive manner.

For those, who lack in self-esteem, there are some tips that you can implement to build lasting self-esteem. This article talks about some of these tips.

Tip 1# Stop the comparison

Contrary to your belief, you do not need to be good at everything you do. Everyone around you has their own challenges and achievements. You yourself have fought your own battles to reach where you are. Therefore, stop the comparison. Do not allow yourself to compare your achievements, wealth, skills, friends, etc. with those of others. Whenever you find yourself doing that, remind yourself that everyone is an individual person, shaped by their own unique experiences.

Tip 2# Be compassionate to yourself

Anybody can make a mistake, including you. It is perfectly fine. Forgive yourself. Take it easy. Foster thoughts like, “It is all right”, “Maybe the next time”, Anybody can make mistakes” rather than “I don’t believe I made that mistake”, “How stupid of me to not pay attention”, “I didn’t expect that from myself”. Being kind to yourself will motivate you to do better the next time.

Tip 3 # Practice self-care

To feel good in the mind, you need to feel good in the body. Take care of your body by eating healthy, staying away from addictive substances, exercising, practicing mindfulness, and sleeping the required number of hours. Also, treat yourself to a spa or a full day at the salon. When you know that you are taking good care of your body, your body will take good care of your mind and spirit, making you feel more confident and exuberant.

Tip 4 # Practice positive affirmations

Simply put, positive affirmations are positive statements that build your confidence and help overcome a negative thought pattern. When you get up in the morning, look yourself in the eye and say that you are beautiful in every way and that today is going to be a good day. Science has shown that people practicing positive affirmations feel more confident and are able to deal with situations in a better way.

Tip 5# Face your fears

Easier said than done, right? No. It is all right to try something new or something that you do not feel confident about. Think of it as an experiment and take the plunge. Each time you do something that you thought you could not do, will build your self-esteem. You do not have to excel at it; just try it once.

Tip 6# Congratulate yourself

Celebrate each achievement however small it might be. Acknowledging your achievements and successes and the struggle behind it will make you more confident. Do not leave out even a single opportunity to congratulate or celebrate yourself.

However, if the above tips do not help you build self-esteem, then maybe your lack of self-esteem is an indication of something deeper. Sometimes, our past or a traumatic incident leaves us more scarred than we imagine. In such a case, seek help from a professional mental health treatment advisor. They can help you identify the problem and suggest a viable solution.

Seeking help

Mental health problems can affect anyone, irrespective of age and gender. Mental health conditions are complex issues that require profession intervention. Ignoring or hiding it for long may lead to further complications. Fortunately, most mental health conditions can be treated or managed. Therefore, it is important that one seek treatment at the right time.

If you or someone you know is battling a mental health conditions, get in touch with the California Mental Health Helpline. We can provide useful information about various mental health treatment programs as well as mental health treatment facilities in and around California. Call our 24/7 helpline 855-559-3923 or chat online with our trained admission counselor to choose the best mental health treatment program for you.