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Dealing with caretaker burnout

Caring for a loved one with a chronic illness involves an effort from all quarters – emotional, physical and mental. However, with time, the mental toll of caring for a loved one can snowball, deteriorating the health of the caregiver, leading them to a stage of burnout. And when the caretaker reaches that stage, it […]

6 tips to build lasting self-esteem

Self-esteem – a really big word. Or is it? Let us try to understand what this word actually means. Self-esteem or self-confidence is described as the trust one has on one’s capabilities, abilities, skills and decision-making capacity. A healthy self-esteem helps us achieve much more in our personal as well as professional lives. It gives […]

Isolating at home, its effect on mental health, and what to do

Human being is a social animal and therefore isolation at home can affect their mental health adversely. Though, isolation has become an important way to stop the spread of the corona virus, it has exposed and triggered many underlying mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and PTSD. For people, who are already struggling with these […]

New health care system proposes 24X7 treatment for mental health and substance use disorders

Elected officials to the San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors, Matt Haney and Hillary Ronen, have announced a new health proposal to take care of mental health and addiction patients. Mental Health SF, as the plan is being called, is set to provide 24×7 free treatment for mental health disorders as well as substance use disorders. […]