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Naughty children likely to suffer from mental health conditions as adults, say experts

Conduct disorder is a common problem in children below 10 years of age. It is normal for children to defy authority and to show unwillingness in following rules. But, when the infants behave aggressively for a prolonged period and are hard to control, it could be the sign of a serious mental health issue known as oppositional defiant disorder (ODD). Read more

Inhibition of GLO1 enzyme may help treat depression, says study

People with depression usually take antidepressants to get relief from the symptoms of the mental disorder such as incessant sadness or persistent hopelessness. However, medicines do not have the same kind of effect on all patients – in some instances, the impact may be too slow than anticipated. While looking for an alternative and more effective way to treat depression, researchers from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine recently revealed that impeding enzyme Glyoxalase 1 (GLO1) can help alleviate symptoms of the disorder in mice. Read more

Conditions misinterpreted as mental disorder – 4: Epilepsy

“Men think epilepsy divine, merely because they do not understand it. We will one day understand what causes it, and then cease to call it divine. And so it is with everything in the universe.” – Hippocrates Read more

Conditions misinterpreted as mental disorder – 3: Cannibalism

Humans have reported doing bizarre things that are stranger than fiction. With the quality to breach every extent to survive and conquer, the human race has eventually developed many traits and attributes that are questionable. Cannibalism is one such aspect that has been regarded as a gross mental illness. Although, the tales and myths surrounding the practice have given it a spiritualistic yet horrific angle. Many groups and sects in the world practice cannibalism as a mode of survival and religious beliefs. However, the modern take on the practice is more focused on it being an addiction or mental illness.

Cannibalism is defined as the practice of eating human flesh by another human being. People following the practice are known as cannibals. The practice is not only grotesque in nature but also very disturbing, considering the conventional lifestyle of the entire human race. So, many started perceiving cannibalism as a mental disorder. Read more

Conditions misinterpreted as mental disorder – 2: Oedipus complex

Mental disorders are frequently misunderstood. For majority of the people, suffering from any kind of mental disorder is equivalent to retardation. While the status of overall mental healthcare facilities is poor, people themselves shy away from seeking medical help for their mental illness, primarily due to the prevailing stigmas, misconceptions and fears.

Another problem with mental disorders is that they are often misdiagnosed. It is because most of the symptoms of different types of mental illness are same or similar. This, coupled with lack of knowledge and information, leads to misdiagnosis and wrong treatment. Consequently, the problem either aggravates or results in development of another severe health hazard. Read more