Overcoming deal breakers in relationship for sound mental health

Overcoming deal breakers in relationship for sound mental health

Companionship is a natural desire. However, it is a fact that any relationship cannot just be a bed of roses. It is natural for the love and respect shared between two persons in a relationship to be replaced by resentment and disappointment. These developments do not happen overnight and take time to become deal breakers. Many a time, two people secretly start disliking each other over certain issues, but avoid confronting each other for the fear of getting into an ugly spat. Thus, the unresolved issues pile up over a period that might affect not only the relationship but even the mental health of the couple.

It is important to be mindful of the relationship and never settle into complacency. For, that might lead to taking each other for granted. Listed below are some of the relationship deal breakers, which must be kept in mind for a couple to have a happy and long-lasting relationship:

Deciding on behalf of partner: It takes time for a relationship to mature and partners need to spend a considerable amount of time with each other to develop a fair idea about each other’s likes and dislikes. However, this does not mean that one of the partners would start taking decisions on behalf of the other one. For instance, a couple decided to watch a movie over a weekend and one of them booked tickets for a sci-fi film, without even asking the other one, content in the belief that they dislike all other genres. Likewise, ordering food for the partner without even asking him or her could also get nerve-wracking. While it is all right to take charge when one of the partners is engaged somewhere else, if a basic courtesy of involving him or her in the plans is extended, it can go a long way in cementing the bond.

Clinging too much: A healthy relationship is the one in which both the partners spend quality time with each other and in addition, spend time with their set of friends as well. It is important to have a life beyond a relationship.

Washing dirty linen in public: A relationship is a personal and a sacred bond. However, it is impossible not to experience a rough patch every now and then. During these moments of discord, it is important to maintain the sanctity of the bond by curbing the urge of complaining about the partner to a friend or a family member. This toxic trait can backfire and jeopardize the future of a relationship. These developments only go on to affect a person’s mental health and lead to problems like depression and anxiety.

Getting confrontational: In a relationship, the partners should be open to discussion and not get into a confrontation or an argument. If one of the partners feels that something done by the other was inappropriate, then the latter must address this issue in a non-confrontational manner. The other partner must also try to be a patient listener.

Road to companionship: No one has a perfect relationship, but the secret to a lasting relationship depends on how well a couple can navigate through different phases of companionship. However, at times, a relationship might have to face serious issues like cheating. This might cause an irreparable damage to the bond. In such cases, before ending a relationship, one should try seeking professional support from a competent counselor to understand things from all the angles, otherwise this can hamper a person’s mental health.

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