5 habits of happy people

5 habits of happy people

What is happiness? Happiness is a balanced emotional state of mind characterized by feelings of joy, calm, satisfaction, contentment, and fulfilment. According to studies across the world, we control 40 percent of our happiness quotient. If you ask me, it is quite high and something that we should aim at achieving. But how?

  • The happiest ages reported by people in general are 33, 55, and the 70s
  • Having sex 2 to 3 times a week keeps your happy hormones soaring
  • Happy people have an annual salary of $75000, on an average
  • Happy people have at least 10 people whom they refer to as friends
  • 6 to 7 hours of socializing leads to the highest level of happiness

Here are 7 habits of truly happy people that we can adopt to achieve at least 40 percent of our happiness quotient.

Habit 1: Gratitude

Being thankful for what we have and expressing it on a daily basis trains our mind to see the positive things. Rather than fretting over what we do not have, we should be grateful for what we have however small it might be. One way to get into the habit of expressing gratitude is starting a gratitude journal or naming at least three things that we are grateful for first thing in the morning.

Habit 2: Enjoy the little things in life

Happy people take out time to enjoy the little things in life. They do not worry too much about the big things but ensure that they actually stop to smell the flowers. Though clichéd, this is called enjoying the moment or being mindful. Being mindful ensures that we are in the present moment and are not worried about the past or the future. It allows us to take pleasure in the moment and enjoy it fully. After all, we remember the moments in life.

Habit 3: Let go

Letting go is also an important trait found in happy people. They forgive and forget easily and move on. This ensures that the past does not stifle them. It also ensures that they do not hold any grudges against any person, situation, or condition. However, letting go makes it easier to let go feelings of resentment, guilt, anger, pain, and other hurtful emotions that tend to pull down the mental health of an individual.

Habit 4: Cut the negativity

People committed to their happiness ensure that they cut the negativity from their life. This means that they would cut themselves off from negative people, attitudes, and situations and surround themselves with positive attitudes, people, and situations. Being surrounded by happy, positive, and supportive people boosts our confidence and nurtures creativity ensuring that we find positive and creative solutions to our problems.

Habit 5: Healthy lifestyle

Happy people ensure that that they follow a healthy lifestyle that involves healthy eating, exercising daily, staying hydrated, spending time in nature, and getting quality sleep. Getting the adequate hours of eye-shut is important to ensure that we wake up fresh every morning. It also ensures that our physical and mental health is maintained.

Something deeper

If you are following all these habits of a happy people, but still feel overwhelmed by people or situations, then maybe you need professional mental health help. Mental health disorders are difficult to deal with as they can affect your personal as well professional life adversely. However, mental disorders are highly manageable and treatable.

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