About California Mental Health Helpline

The California Mental Health Helpline is host to an experienced team of professionals with the unanimous goal of providing fast and accessible information on mental health and mental health treatment options for those who need it.

When dealing with a mental illness finding help is vital. It is also important that those who are called upon for assistance are available to build and maintain a safe and secure support system for the individual. That is what we are here for.

In addition to our phone helpline, visitors can also utilize our live chat system to contact a mental health representative immediately online. We also provide a concise collection of informative blogs and articles, consistently updated for those seeking to learn more. We provide consultations for a wide range of psychological issues with our team of specialists and appointment scheduling to obtain a psychiatric diagnosis and treatment. We also provide information about other treatment centers that provide supplementary options. However, while we are able to help individuals in a number of areas, the California Mental Health Helpline does not provide psychiatric treatment sessions or official diagnoses over the phone or online.

At the end of the day, a stable and happy life is all that anyone desires. For those dealing with a mental health disorder, this simple wish can seem out of reach, but there is hope. Whether it is depression, trauma, anxiety or anything in between, we are available with our ears open and to lend a helping hand.

The California Mental Health Helpline offers an anchor of assistance for an ever-present minority. But it is up to you to make the call and seek the help you need. To learn more, browse more of our website or call our dedicated helpline at 855-559-3923. Take that important next step on the road to recovery today!