Benefits of reading mental health blogs

Benefits of reading mental health blogs

With the world facing a second wave of corona virus, people are again left with no choice but to face another lockdown. With social distancing becoming even more important, most of us are left wondering what to do.

Facing a lockdown is difficult for everyone, and even more for people with mental health illnesses. The long distance relationships make sharing their struggles with loved ones impossible leading to deprivation of emotions and bottling up. In such a condition, resorting to reading is a good choice, especially mental health blogs. This enables judicious use of social media and an opportunity to express oneself. Here, we discuss some benefits of reading mental health blogs.

You are not alone: Reading online mental health blogs makes you realize that you are not alone. They are others who are going through similar mental health struggles. They write about their painful experiences and give tips to overcome daily struggles. Some blogs also give you an insight into the kind of symptoms the other people are experiencing and the ways they used to overcome these struggles.

Knowledge: Today, many mental health experts and psychologists have become bloggers. They not only educate the public about the mental health disorders changing public perception about these tough experiences but also work towards removing the associated stigma. These bloggers go a step forward to discuss the latest in the mental health treatment landscape and even explain it to people in layman’s terms.

Health benefits: Reading helps a person emotionally and physically. It helps reduce stress levels by almost 60 percent, normalizes heartbeat, lowers blood pressure, mitigates symptoms, enhances sleep experience, lowers anxiety, eases tension in muscles, alters state of mind, and helps control depressive symptoms.

Improved interaction: Reading mental health blogs regularly encourages you to comment on them or at least think about what you read. If you want to interact with the blogger, then you need to write in the comments section. The desire to express your viewpoint helps in processing and amalgamating your thoughts, improves communication skills, reduces emotional distress and social anxiety, and enhances self-esteem. All these things help in managing the symptoms of mental health disorders.

Helps connect with the right people: A lot of people suffer from mental health problems, but a lot of them do not talk about these openly. Reading a blog helps you to connect with the right kind of people who are going through similar experiences. You can share experiences, photos, and encouragement. One might not be able to find these kinds of resources online.

Improves cognitive function: Reading helps improve cognitive function by slowing down memory loss and mitigating mental decline by almost 32 percent. Research has shown that reading, writing or any other mentally stimulating activity can help slow mental decline.

Bibliotherapy: Bibliotherapy is a form of therapy that uses literature as a means to help people deal with and overcome their emotional turmoil, mental disorders, and trauma. This form of therapy helps you produce effective changes promoting personality development. Very effective for depression, it requires you to participate in reading clubs so that you can read and discuss what you have read. People opting for bibliotherapy have reported enhanced concentration, better self-awareness, improved mental and emotional understanding, and acknowledging changes in self.

The way forward

If in spite of reading online mental health blogs, you feel overwhelmed, then you need to seek professional help. Though alternative therapies like reading cannot replace standard treatment interventions, they ensure early recovery among patients. In order to treat depressive symptoms, it is essential that adequate awareness be spread about them to identify them at an early stage. The treatment for depression would strongly depend on the intensity and duration of condition as identified during a medical diagnosis.

If you or loved one is battling depression or experiencing the symptoms of any other mental disorder, it is important to seek immediate medical assistance. You may seek help from California Mental Health Helpline to inquire about the best mental health treatment centers in California. You can call our 24/7 helpline number 855-559-3923 or chat online to speak to our experts for residential mental health facilities in California.