Conditions misinterpreted as mental disorder - 3: Cannibalism

Conditions misinterpreted as mental disorder – 3: Cannibalism

Humans have reported doing bizarre things that are stranger than fiction. With the quality to breach every extent to survive and conquer, the human race has eventually developed many traits and attributes that are questionable. Cannibalism is one such aspect that has been regarded as a gross mental illness. Although, the tales and myths surrounding the practice have given it a spiritualistic yet horrific angle. Many groups and sects in the world practice cannibalism as a mode of survival and religious beliefs. However, the modern take on the practice is more focused on it being an addiction or mental illness.

Cannibalism is defined as the practice of eating human flesh by another human being. People following the practice are known as cannibals. The practice is not only grotesque in nature but also very disturbing, considering the conventional lifestyle of the entire human race. So, many started perceiving cannibalism as a mental disorder. Read more

Men too suffer from eating disorders

Men too suffer from eating disorders

Many people take pride in calling themselves foodie. Such people love to eat and seldom say no to food. A foodie is characterized by his interest in tasting different food items and delicacies of all kind. However, not everyone with love for food is a foodie. Alternatively, a person might be suffering from an eating disorder. Read more