Dating app users may suffer from low self-esteem

Dating app users may suffer from low self-esteem

Many people, especially adolescents and young adults, are more concerned about their looks. Sometimes, the picture of the perfect body that one has in mind does not correlate with the actual shape and size. In such a scenario, a person develops a negative body image and often feels unhappy with his or her appearance, which eventually results in low self-esteem and unhealthy lifestyle choices.

The problem of negative self-image is not confined only to women, even men experience the problem of low self-esteem due to lower body satisfaction. A recent research has revealed that users of dating app Tinder were unhappy with their body shape and size as compared to those who did not use the app.

Visually driven social media responsible for psychological problems

Presented at the annual conference of the American Psychological Association (APA), the study aimed to determine how users and nonusers of Tinder feel about their physical appearance. The dating app requires users to swipe right or left to choose or refuse a date, based on a photo-based profile.

People today are living in a world where it can be difficult to meet unrealistic ideals and expectations that creates a perpetual need for appearance management, said lead author Jessica Strübel of the University of North Texas. For the study, the researchers examined 1,317 students, of which 32 men and 70 women were found to use Tinder. The researchers asked the participants to rate themselves on various parameters, such as objectification and self-monitoring of appearance, body shame and satisfaction, including a comparison of their looks with others. They were also questioned about their overall self-esteem and the extent to which they personalized such negative feelings.

It was observed that the app users, both men and women, were at a high risk of being dissatisfied with their bodies and were also more prone to monitor their appearances frequently, in comparison to those who did not use the app. But the most harrowing fact was that men displayed the lowest level of self-esteem, refuting all misconceptions that only women show traits of dating and body-image-related pressures.

Studies establish link between mental health and social media

Several previous studies have revealed that a regular use of social media, such as Facebook, can give rise to various serious problems related to body image and self-esteem. It was for the first time that a study was conducted to establish a link between image-based dating apps and the resulting psychological problems. “It’s a downward spiral,” said Helga Dittmar, a psychologist at the University of Sussex, while referring to the ever-rising trend of visually driven social media.

However, further research is needed to validate any direct association between visually driven dating sites like Tinder and low self-esteem, said the researchers.

Seeking treatment

Any kind of mental health illness can make one’s life hell. But there is hope, provided the symptoms are not ignored and acted upon at the right time. The discoveries and advances in the field of psychiatry have made it possible for mental health patients to gain complete convalescence and live a normal life. Hence, it is important to be aware of the core symptoms of the disease so that effective remedial steps can be taken.

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