Photography may help alleviate depression by providing powerful insights

Photography may help alleviate depression by providing powerful insights

Over the years, with more insight into depression, people have been developing innovative and creative ways and therapies to deal with mental illnesses like depression. Depression, among the most prevalent mental disorders, can be treated with medication, conventional therapies (e.g. psychotherapy) or modern age therapies (e.g. music, dance and art) depending upon the severity and duration of the problem. Interestingly, many people, including celebrities, also explored photography and highlighted similar therapeutic effects on their condition.

Recently, talking about his struggle with depression, Cole Sprouse, an American actor who was part of the Disney Channel series ‘The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, revealed to have sought relief from his condition through photography. “I was sad and in a dark place and I turned to a hobby to sort of take me out of that. I used it as an outlet, as a way to create and feel better, and it took off,” confessed Sprouse who rose to fame with the above-mentioned Disney Channel production when he was barely a teenager.

People often become surprised reading about a celebrity suffering from a serious mental condition like depression, especially those part of comedy sitcoms or portraying lively characters. However, mental disorders like any other disease do not discriminate and hence can affect anybody. In addition, mental disorders have nothing to with one’s lifestyle or socioeconomic status. As a result, despite the fame, name and wealth, many celebrities battle with a range of mood and psychiatric disorders.

Of late, many celebrities have revealed their struggle with different types of mental disorders, including depression. Unlike other celebrities, the confession of Sprouse highlights a new therapy that could be an effective source of recovery for many battling with depression. So far, apart from the conventional therapies, many patients are recommended to undergo music therapy, art therapy or dance therapy to deal with their depressive symptoms in a creative way. With Sprouse replacing the trend of posting selfies on social media with his work in photography, it has created a new approach to deal with the perils of depression.

Relationship between depression and photography

Medically, depression is a serious mental health condition characterized by persistent sadness, hopelessness, worthlessness and despair. Due to these symptoms, the condition is often confused with normal sadness or disappointment that is natural and temporary in nature. Unlike other overwhelming feelings, depression is a very unpleasant condition to experience. Someone who has suffered from this condition can only understand the complexities of depression. While medical interventions like medication and conventional therapies play an effective role in treating the physical and mental repercussions of mental disorders, therapies like art, music and photography help in reconditioning the psychological damages by providing a medium to express. Below are a few ways by which photography helps in overcoming the symptoms of depression:

  • It helps in connecting with the outside world and nature.
  • It provides a shift in perspective, quite literally through the lens.
  • It becomes a mode of non-verbal communication to deal with the world.
  • Photography offers a medium to shift focus from the negativity brought by the condition to other aspects of the external world.
  • It boosts confidence and moral by giving the power to capture the desired frame for the world.
  • It helps in connecting with the subconscious mind that enables the exploration and comprehension of the root causes and triggers responsible for triggering depression.

Alternative perspectives to deal with depression

Experts have identified creative therapies like photography as an effective tool in treating depression. Though these therapies cannot replace the standard treatment, they ensure early recovery among patients. In order to treat depressive symptoms, it is essential that adequate awareness be spread about them to identify them at an early stage. The treatment for depression would strongly depend on the intensity and duration of condition as identified during the medical diagnosis.

If you or loved one is battling depression or experiencing the symptoms, it is important for you to seek immediate medical assistance. You may seek help from California Mental Health Helpline to inquire about the best mental health treatment centers in California. You can call at our 24/7 helpline number 855-559-3923 or chat online to speak to our experts for residential mental health facilities in California.