Should Happiness be the Goal - Not Necessarily

Should Happiness be the Goal – Not Necessarily

The definition of happiness differs from person to person. Some people find happiness in success, some in family and friends, some in materialistic things, some within themselves, and some simply in peace of mind.

But, there are some questions which always rise in the mind like;

  • Is there is a particular way in which one can achieve happiness?
  • Can money buy happiness?
  • Is there is link between happiness and health?

However possible, every individual in this world wants to be happy.

What are the Ways One Can be Happy?

Leading a happy life is easy but it takes a conscious effort and practice. One can focus on daily habits to lead a happy life. These habits are as follows:

  • Practice to always smile because smiling helps release stress.
  • Learn to live in the present and be happy in it.
  • Physical activity such as exercising, practicing yoga, taking a walk, or practicing meditation can help ease out stress, depression and anxiety.
  • Good eating habits such as eating healthy diets can make you feel good.
  • Always maintain a good sleeping schedule.
  • Always be grateful for things which you already possess in your life.
  • Practice kindness.
  • Be quick in giving compliments. This makes anyone happy, while making you feel satisfied with yourself.
  • Acknowledge unhappy moments as it potrays a positive attitude to fight all ordeals.
  • Start writing a journal. It helps keep a track of all the positive things in your life. It also helps you count your blessings and be grateful for even the smallest of things.
  • Practice facing stress head on.
  • Meet your friends and family on a regular basis. If you can, keep a pet.
  • Ditch your phone for sometime and spend that time in the lap of nature.
  • Take care of yourself. Focus on activities that make you happy.
  • Never blame yourself for the past rather learn lessons from it and move ahead.
  • Re-evaluate your goals to make them smaller and achievable. Sometimes smaller goals are important for the present and at particular points in time.
  • Never carry the baggage of resentment or grudges with you. These feelings generate negative emotions which adversely effect mental health and life.

Why Money Can’t Buy Happiness?

Money can buy temporary happiness in the form of clothes, food, house, automobiles, etc. But, the novelty of buying and using these things wears out soon and the happiness that you derive from these does not last very long.

The Greek philosopher Epictetus once quoted, “wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.”

It is evident that people with higher income are not happy for many reasons. The more stuff you own, the more work it takes to take care of it. The more things you possess, the less free time you will have to enjoy life because you’ll be spending time cleaning and maintaining the things you bought. It is well said that the most valuable assets we have is our time. But sadly, when many aren’t working at their jobs, they come home to take care of household chores around the house and miss out on the much-needed rest making them miserable.

You envy people with more possession than you and this actually eats you alive, leaving you less satisfied. The continual desire for more things forces people to work harder to buy the things they think they can’t live without. Eventually, they lose their peace of mind.

People never become satisfied with their earnings. It is true that with more earnings they add more liabilities.

True happiness is not related to the size of your bank account. It is a pure state of mind. People can be happy irrespective for their financial condition. You just need to accept the situation.

How Is Happiness Related To Health?

Health and happiness have been directly linked for quite a while now. Researchers from all over the world believe that one’s level of happiness can have a great impact on the level of one’s health.

Martin Seligman, the former president of the American Psychological Association and the father of the field of positive psychology once wrote, “Experiences that induce positive emotions cause negative emotions to dissipate rapidly. The strengths and virtues function to buffer against misfortune and against the psychological disorders, and they may be the key to building resilience. The best therapists do not merely heal damage; they also help people identify and build their strengths and their virtues.

Happiness is directly linked to good health, longevity, good marriage, and optimism.

When Do We Need To Speak To A Therapist?

We are certainly happier when we learn how to handle obstacles and cope with them responsibly. However, if you feel like you are hitting an emotional barrier, consider speaking with a therapist. You do not have to be diagnosed of any mental health condition or experience any overwhelming crisis to seek professional help.

Therapists are trained to help people with mental and emotional issues improve their coping strategies. They can help understand the root cause of your problems and help you overcome the emotional barrier.

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