Tips on dealing with ghosting in dating world

Tips on dealing with ghosting in dating world

The world of social media offers a plethora of dating apps to choose from, for people who don’t socialize much in the real world, or for those who don’t get lucky enough to meet someone they are compatible with. Online dating is a big phenomenon today that has helped many people find their better halves. However, for some, the experiences have been horrid as they have been ghosted on these dating sites.

Ghosting is a phase when one of the partners suddenly stops hearing from the other, without any prior intimation. The other partner might not be interested in dating this person or might have met someone else or for reasons best known to him/her, and instead of calling it quits, he or she disappears into thin air. Ghosting can cause extreme trauma because the one who gets dropped without any intimation tries to get in touch with the other person through different lines of communication. Frustration, confusion, self-doubt and anger can rob an individual of his/her mental peace. Listed here are a few tips which can help a person deal with this common occurrence in the online dating world:

Recognizing before assuming

Since ghosting has become commonplace, a lot of people get insecure when they don’t hear from their partner, assuming that they have been ghosted and then they wallow in self-pity. However, before jumping off the cliff, one should be sure about the actual state of affairs. One should try to reach the other half and if the calls and texts get dropped/failed repeatedly, one might try sending an email. One should give the other person a benefit of doubt as there might be some genuine exigency. However, if one receives no revert, then it’s time to realize that yes, one has been ghosted.

Accepting the reality

An abrupt end to a relationship, that too with the one in whom someone might be genuinely interested, can get hurtful. However, one must come to terms with the reality, discard any false hopes and understand that this is not about them, the problem was with the person who ghosted.

No stalking

Stalking an ex to his place of work, the club where he goes for a swim or the park where he takes his dog for a walk can be a blow to one’s self-respect. If someone had the guts to communicate his change of heart, he would have done that anyway. By choosing to ghost, one clearly wants to avoid a stage of confrontation.


Ghosting is one of the most immature ways of ending a relationship, an escape route to bail out without explaining anything. One can use this opportunity to reflect upon self for a while. Maybe there was some unpleasant trait that one’s partner didn’t approve of or maybe some tiff which was serious but left unsorted. Whatever the reason was, after a while of introspection, one should be done with this chapter.

Spending time away from the internet

The most devastating consequence of the failure of an online relationship is that people just don’t take a break. They start looking up for dates again and renew their memberships. This might result in a rebound relationship and it can get even more devastating. Therefore, one must take a break from this virtual world and spend time hanging out with friends.

Reaching out for help

For some people, ghosting can be traumatic and no matter how hard they try, they can’t come to terms with the reality. They might get obsessed about contacting their partner and in failing to do so, they might develop extreme anxiety and even depression. Someone might resort to alcohol and drugs to tide over this painful phase, however, substance abuse can have detrimental effects on all areas of one’s life.

Recovery road map

Ghosting puts an individual in a tight spot. Accepting and moving on after ghosting can seem like an unthinkable task which can greatly affect one’s quality of life. Therefore, one must seek professional help to navigate through this tough time.

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