Why we experience Exaggetered emotional pain due to depression

Why we experience Exaggetered emotional pain due to depression

Emotional pain refers to pain or suffering from non-physical sources. Sometimes, this emotional burden is the result of the behavior of others. In other cases, it may be due to regret, sadness or loss. This may be also caused by an underlying mental illness (such as depression or anxiety. Regardless of the reason, this psychological pain can be serious and can severely affect many aspects of your life. Although it is generally considered no less than physical pain, therefore it is important to take emotional pain seriously. Many common feelings associated with emotional pain can affect your physical and mental health.

Mostly chronic Depression cause unbearable emotional pain. Even in extreme cases it leads to suicidal thoughts.

What are The symptoms of Exaggetered emotional pain

  1. The feeling of Deep sorrow, extreme sadness, or depression remain persistence
  2. A person always remain in grief
  3. The feeling of extreme and intense distress follow your thoughts.
  4. A person is engrossed with loneliness and isolation from society and family
  5. Negative emotions constantly brush across your mind
  6. A person start to get panic attacks
  7. Feeling of shame and rage imbibed in mind
  8. A person start to feel worthless

In some cases, emotional pain may cause physical symptoms without a specific physical cause. If these thoughts, feelings, or behaviors related to physical symptoms cause a significant increase in pressure or loss of function, it can be diagnosed as a physical disorder.

There are many emotions that can cause mental distress. Anyone may experience these feelings from time to time, but if these feelings are strong and continuous, they will interfere with people’s functions and normal daily activities.

Feeling of Sadness

Sadness is a natural emotion associated with loss and disappointment. However, if it does not disappear over time, it may indicate that depression has incurred your mind and may affect the entire body. In few days it may affect your daily life, you may need to see a doctor. You should consult your doctor and be completely honest about the alcohol or drugs if you are taking for treatment and self-medication.

Dealing with unexpressed Anger

Anger is a basic human emotion. It releases adrenaline, which increases muscle tone and speeds up breathing. This is the “fight” in “fight/flight/freeze”. Sometimes it can be mobilized; however, if not handled properly, this response can have long-term physical consequences. 


Like anger, fear and anxiety release adrenaline. This usually results in tension, slight convulsions, inability to relax (“out of control” reaction) or feeling of stiffness or stagnation (“freezing” reaction). For some people, anxiety which can be treated by psychotherapy or prescription drugs.  Anxiety can also be caused by drug abuse. In this case, abstinence from alcohol and drugs can usually improve symptoms. Any use of alcohol or drugs to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment.


The feeling of shame and self denial can make you isolated from society. And if left untreated lead to chronic depression.

Impact of Depression

Depression can lead to emotional pain which in turn can lead to physical pain such as headache, nausea, stomach problems, breathing problem, heart problems, body pain, dizziness and diarrhea.

However emotional impact can be aggression, substance abuse, isolation, violence, suicidal thoughts, compulsive behavior, self harm, gambling, irregular sleep, eating disorder and unusual sex drive.

You Can Always Seek Help and Speak To A Therapist

Speaking to an expert can help you or your loved ones to deal with mental health issues I an effective way.

If you or someone you know needs assistance in dealing with a mental health disorder, then call the California Mental Health Helpline. We provide reliable information about reputed mental health treatment centers in California. Call our 24/7 mental health helpline (855) 559-3923 or chat online with one of our representatives to discuss your options for mental health treatment in California.